The Rouse Database is the rental and broader construction equipment industryʼs leading source for the most current ground-level market intelligence. The key to our Database is the information that fuels it. Only Rouse is provided with extensive detailed proprietary sales and rental transaction data from the leading rental equipment companies across the industry. At Rouse, we’ve spent decades developing trusted relationships with our clients and demonstrating our commitment to the confidentiality and security of their information. By virtue of our clients' trust in us today, Rouse is the exclusive recipient of over $500 million in private equipment sales transactions every month, over $1 billion of monthly rental transaction data and nightly fleet snapshots for over $54 billion worth of equipment.

Rouse Database

In addition to this exclusive data, the Rouse Database is built on a century of industry-specific experience. Rouse experts bring years of hands-on construction equipment appraisal expertise— we know the products and the industry better than anyone. This combination of exclusive information and unmatched expertise is why the Rouse Database is considered such a vital industry resource.

We also monitor every major auction of rental and construction equipment to collect and record into our database over $1 billion of publicaly available auction sales information to create the largest repository of rental equipment data on earth—the Rouse Database. No one provides the breadth and depth of information we do.

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