Rouse ServicesRouse is the equipment rental industry’s leading information services company. We deliver the most accurate and reliable information in the rental and construction industries. Our powerful suite of services includes appraisals, used equipment sales and analytics. Rouse Services provides the knowledge you need to make more informed business decisions.

Rouse was founded in 1920 as an auction and appraisal firm that focuses exclusively on construction equipment.

Since 1990, Rouse has been at the forefront of information services for rental construction equipment dealers, lenders and other industry stakeholders. We maintain our leadership position by investing in and providing innovative solutions for our clients.

At the heart of our services is the proprietary Rouse Database. Built from the ground up by Rouse engineers, this database is fueled by a constant flow of metrics for over 1 million equipment units across North America and the UK. Only Rouse provides this incredible breadth and depth of industry information. We work side-by-side with our clients to ensure our database is continually growing and providing greater value.

Simply put, Rouse has more point-to-point rental data than anyone. We take that data—including rates, utilization, and fleet age metrics, plus retail, trade-in and auction sales figures—and transform it into easy-to-understand, actionable information. Let us put our data to work for you.