Rouse Sales Rouse Sales provides end-to-end support for selling used equipment. Rouse Sales starts by providing the information needed to help rental companies proactively identify the equipment that needs to be sold in their fleets. Then, leveraging more than $10 billion in equipment sales data per year, Rouse Sales determines accurate retail and auction values for each piece based on make, model, age, meter and configuration. Rouse then offers an array of marketing support services––from embedded websites to advertising strategies and creative––to help maximize your return at retail. Finally, Rouse delivers monthly reporting so you can monitor the performance and measure the success of your company’s used equipment sales program.

Rouse Sales services are backed by the proprietary Rouse Database—the industry’s most current and wide-reaching collection of sales data. This database is updated with metrics for over 1 million equipment units at 2,500 locations across North America and the UK every month. The Rouse Database is your most reliable source for accurate pricing.

Since 2003, we’ve helped our clients drive more than $2 billion in used equipment sales each year, with greater returns. Take the costly guesswork out of retail pricing and sales. Let Rouse optimize your opportunities.

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