Rouse Appraisals Rouse Appraisals is the rental industry’s leading comparison-based, appraisal firm. Rouse updates valuations for over 13,000 makes/models on a monthly basis to provide the most current information possible.

Only Rouse delivers point-to-point values based on the largest, most current repository of rental equipment and used equipment sales in the industry—the Rouse Database. Each month, Rouse tracks metrics for over 1 million equipment units at 2,500 locations across North America and the UK. In addition, the Rouse Database receives $1.5 billion in private retail used equipment sales transactions annually.

Unlike general appraisers, Rouse has focused solely on the construction and rental industries for nearly a century. In addition our team of appraisal professionals brings decades of hands-on equipment evaluation experience. Today, Rouse leads the industry with over $23 billion in equipment appraised annually.

Rely on Rouse for accurate values based on data-driven analysis and unmatched expertise.

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